Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days & RV Park is a wholly-owned subsidiary of R & J S Properties, LLC. R & J S Properties, LLC is a privately held Louisiana corporation. The owners are solely responsible for the formulation of policies, rules, regulations, and terms and conditions governing the use of any and all property rented to vendors for the purpose of selling wares at Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days. This also applies to any person or business entity that leases the property for a private event.

Any vendor or lessee who violates or otherwise refuses to comply with these policies is subject to having his or her vendor/lessee status terminated either immediately or with notice, depending upon the individual circumstances.

The following TERMS AND CONDITIONS (formerly known as RULES & REGULATIONS) apply to all vendors at Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days. These TERMS AND CONDITIONS have been formulated in an effort to assure fairness to all vendors and to clarify our policies on pricing, attendance, participation, and our expectations. Any and all parts of TERMS AND CONDITIONS are subject to change without notice.

Updated November 1, 2013 (Download a PDF Version of this document by CLICKING HERE)

Lot Rental Pricing Structure And Reservation Requirements

Open Lots
Open lots are approximately 16 feet wide by 40 feet deep. They provide you with a natural ground floor and no roof or overhead protection of any type.

An open lot is priced at $40.00 each for the 3-day weekend.
Additional adjoining open lots are $35.00 each for the same 3-day weekend

Carport Lots
Carport lots are approximately 12 feet wide by 20 feet deep. A carport lot is considered to be any lot with a natural ground floor and a man-made cover overhead. Some are aluminum and some are wood. Some have side walls and some do not.

A carport lot is priced at $80.00 each for the 3-day weekend.
Additional adjoining carport lots are $60.00 each for the same 3-day weekend.

Pavilion Lots
Pavilion lots are approximately 10 feet wide by 18 feet deep. The spaces are clearly marked with yellow parking lot paint. Pavilion spaces have a cement floor and a high overhead cover, allowing for very tall items to be displayed. The north end of the pavilion has an ATM machine available. This ATM machine is neither owned by nor operated by R & J S Properties, LLC.

A Pavilion lot is priced at $100.00 each for the 3-day weekend.
Additional adjoining Pavilion lots are $75.00 each for the same 3-day weekend.

Additional Charges
Additional charges include, but are not limited to, the rental of tables and the use of utilities (water and electricity) and cover the three-day Trade Days weekend.

Tables are available for rent for $6.00 per table. These are typical banquet tables that are approximately 8 feet long.

Water is available for a fee of $5.00. If you have several adjoining lots, you pay only the $5.00 for water.

Electricity is available as two options for each Trade Days event:
110-volt electricity is available for a minimum charge of $10.00. This fee is provided for the light duty electrical use of fans, lights, etc.

Electricity is also available for air conditioning units in permanent vendor buildings, trailers and campers. The charge for electricity for this purpose is $25.00.

Utilities are charged for each individual utility pole that you use.

Vendors must use 12/3 (heavy duty) extension cords at all times to connect to our electrical outlets.

Anyone causing damage to the electrical, water, or plumbing systems will be charged a minimum of $50.00 for damages.

Vendor lots & spaces may be reserved in advance of the upcoming Trade Days weekend by rendering payment by cash, check, money order, or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or Discover only). A minimum of 50% of the basic lot rental fee is required to reserve a lot.

Checks must be imprinted with the account holder’s name, address & phone number. Driver’s license number and state can either be imprinted or hand-written. There will be a $35.00 fee for checks returned for any reason. Non-imprinted checks (i.e., counter checks or checks for new accounts) and checks drawn on an out-of-state bank cannot be accepted from a new vendor.

Failure to reserve a lot or space in advance may result in the loss of that lot or space to another vendor.

As a courtesy, Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days allows all vendors eight calendar days after the Trade

Days event to reserve and pay the lot for the next Trade Days Event.
Eight calendar days equals the second Monday after the current Trade Days event. Beginning Tuesday Morning (the 9th day) any unreserved/unpaid lots are subject to being rented to another vendor.

The only exception to this policy is for those vendors who have a permanent building and/or carport on the property.

Unloading And Set-Up
Vendors are welcome to set up as early as 7:00 A.M. the Thursday before the upcoming Trade Days event at no extra charge.
Vendors needing additional time to set up are allowed to do so as early as the Monday before the upcoming Trade Days event for an additional fee of $10.00 per day.

Vendors utilizing this option must check in at the Main Office upon arrival - no exceptions.

Vehicles or trailers remaining on the Trade Days grounds after dark on Tuesday following Trade Days may subject the vendor to additional storage charges unless approved in advance by the General Manager or owner.

Vendors desiring to leave an RV camper or other property behind on a continuing basis will be subject to the following requirements:

Vendor must pay a storage fee of $35.00 per month

Vendor must disconnect all electrical and water connections and store the electrical cords and hoses out of the way of lawn mowing procedures. Anything left in the way of the lawn mowing procedure will be the sole responsibility of the vendor for repair/replacement.

As many vehicles as may be needed can enter the park for the purpose of unloading merchandise on Thursday before the Trade Days event. This permission is curtailed at 8:00 A.M. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as these are shopping hours and pedestrian traffic is a liability.

Only two (2) vehicles are allowed to be parked on a vendor lot during Trade Days.

Vendor must not block streets or alleys with parked vehicles. The parked vehicle must fit entirely within the confines of the lot in question.

Vendor Passes
Each vendor is allowed up to three (3) vendor passes so that the vendor can enter the grounds without paying a parking fee by the Lions Club.

Additional passes needed must be approved by the General Manager or the owner.

One of the three vendor passes is intended to be displayed on the vendor booth for verification that the vendor is on the grounds legally.
The other two passes are intended for use by vendor vehicles.

Vendors are NOT to loan passes to customers or anyone else for any reason. This will be a severe violation of our policies and may result in loss of the vendor’s status.

Vendor Absence
If a vendor must be absent from a Trade Days event, that vendor must let us know in advance.

Being absent requires the vendor to pay 50% of the basic lot rent in advance of the month to reserve the lot for the next month.

Any vendor who fails to appear without prior notice will lose all monies paid. No refunds are given and the lot is subject to being rented to another vendor.

Cancelling a prepaid lot rent will result in the loss of monies paid. This does not apply to vendors who notify us in advance and pay 50% of the basic lot rent. It applies only to new vendors who do not arrive.

Selling Area
All vendors agree to sell from within the confines of the vendor lot(s) rented. No hawking or roaming is permitted.

Merchandise Limitations
Management reserves the right to restrict the sale, display, rental, or distribution of any printed materials, photographs, books, magazines, film, paraphernalia, or any other representations in order to maintain a wholesome environment for our shoppers and their families.

Vendors are explicitly not to offer for sale, rental, or display any items deemed to be illegal, any items involving copyright infringement, and/or any pornographic or sex-oriented product.
Any vendor in violation of this policy will be asked to leave the property immediately.

Any form of gambling, game of skill or game of chance is expressly prohibited at Trade Days events.

Raffles are prohibited due to Louisiana state law, unless the vendor can produce a current Louisiana

Gaming License and show that the proceeds will go directly to a legal charitable organization.
The raffle ticket must be printed with the name of the legal charitable organization that it will benefit.

Any vendor who intends to operate a raffle must seek specific approval from Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days management at least one month prior to the Trade Days event involved. Otherwise it will not be allowed.

Non-food vendors may sell bottled water for the benefit of their customers, but only with the following limitations being understood:
The vendor may sell bottled water only. This specifically excludes any and all forms of soft drinks, sports drinks, home-made drinks, etc.

The water must be sold for exactly one dollar ($1.00).

As a flea market, there is no way that we can guarantee a non-food vendor exclusive rights to sell any item(s).

While we may attempt not to put similar vendors in close proximity to each other, we can make no guarantees as we do not know each and every item a vendor sells.

Insects And Pests
This is a rural environment. We cannot guarantee that your lot will not be invaded by insects or other pests, as we have no control over Mother Nature.

We can only be expected to provide cursory insecticide treatment when available.

Vendors are encouraged to be prepared to provide their own insecticides for ants, fleas, ticks, wasp sprays, etc.

Any vendor who pre-pays twelve months for a lot will receive a 10% discount
This does not include charges for electricity, water, tables, etc. These items are charged and paid for on a month-to-month basis only at no discount.

Vendors who place a personally-owned building or carport structure on a Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days lot will be charged the basic fee for that type of lot, in addition to any utility fees, etc. that may be incurred.
If and when the vendor desires to sell or otherwise transfer ownership of the personally-owned building or carport, the vendor is required to furnish the Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days office with the following information:

A notarized copy of the bill of sale. This is a strict requirement.

The full name and complete physical address and contact phone number of the buyer.

Vendors who have a permanent building or permanent carport structure are required to remove all items from the outside of the structure to the inside of the structure or otherwise transported entirely off the Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days property.

Any items left outside the structure are done so entirely at the risk of the vendor and/or RV tenant.

This will also subject the items to being disposed of or sold by the Bonnie & Clyde Administration

The vendor will be charged a minimum of $35.00 if we have to remove any items from the vendor lot after the Trade Days event.

When a vendor who owns a permanent building or permanent carport cannot attend a Trade Days event, the vendor will be assessed a fee of 50% of the basic lot rent for that month.


Income Taxes
The reporting of state and federal income for tax purposes is the sole responsibility and liability of the vendor.

The management of R & J S Properties, LLC (DBA Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days & RV Park) accepts absolutely no responsibility or liability in the monitoring of vendor income tax compliance.

Sales Taxes
The collection and reporting of Louisiana sales & use taxes and Bienville Parish sales & use taxes are the sole responsibility and liability of the vendor. Fowl vendors on Animal Alley are the only exceptions to this requirement. The sales tax rate in Bienville Parish is currently 3%.

Vendors can make contact with the Bienville Parish School Board at the following phone numbers:

(318) 263-8144 to get questions answered about requirements and procedures.

(318) 263-9416 to get a sales tax registration number. This is also the office that mails out the necessary forms.

The Louisiana Department of Revenue And Taxation offers sales tax information on their website at From that page it will be necessary to navigate to the appropriate page for sales tax registration and/or payments and forms. The sales tax rate for Louisiana is currently 4%.

The management of R & J S Properties, LLC (DBA Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days & RV Park) accepts absolutely no responsibility or liability in the monitoring of vendor sales tax registration, collection, or reporting requirements.

Currently, Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days does provide a pre-addressed envelope to use to mail in sales tax payments to the state of Louisiana and Bienville Parish, while supplies last. Forms are provided by the respective agency when a sales tax number is acquired.

Vendor Categories and Vendor Status

Food Vendors
Food vendors are limited to open lot settings to allow for food trailers to be parked.

Pricing for a food vendor is $150.00 for each open lot for the 3-day weekend. Only food vendors are authorized to sell food or soft drink products along with their particular food product(s).
There is no discounted pricing for renting multiple lots for food vendors.

Food vendors are required to pay their fees every month, whether or not they are here, unless specifically approved by the owner.

Animal Vendors
Animal Alley lots are approximately 12 feet wide by 20 feet deep. Animal Alley lots are priced at $35.00 each. Additional adjoining lots are priced at $30.00 each. Animal vendors are strictly limited to lots available on Animal Alley.

No animals are allowed to be sold on any other lots.

Absolutely no animals of any type are allowed to be sold on a “consignment” basis. All animals presented for sale are the sole responsibility and liability of the vendor.

All sales of animals are strictly between the seller and the buyer. Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days assumes no responsibility or liability for the health or life span of any animal.

The washing or cleaning of any animal in the public restrooms is strictly prohibited. No exceptions.

Animal vendors are required to post their license at their booth and shall provide to each buyer, in writing, the vendor name, address, and telephone number.

Absolutely no venomous and/or toxic reptiles, insects, spiders, or any such animal is allowed.

Animal vendors have special governmental requirements that must be strictly met.

Dog And Cat Vendors:
Must have proof of all shots on all their animals.

Must keep animals’ cages at least two inches off the ground and have ample shavings in the bottom of the cages to absorb and contain animal wastes (both solid and liquid). If any feces or urine contacts the ground, it must be sanitized with bleach.

Shavings may consist of shredded paper, wood shavings, straw, or sawdust.

It is the responsibility of the vendor to make sure all shavings have been removed from the lot at the end of the Trade Days weekend.

Any vendor leaving such materials behind for Bonnie & Clyde personnel to pick up will be charged a $35.00 clean-up fee.

Nothing is to be dumped or left in the wooded area behind Animal Alley. That is private property.

Any animal vendor who advertises animals as AKC or other registered breed must be able to display the appropriate papers at the time of the sale.

Absolutely NO PIT BULL DOGS, or any mixture of this breed, is allowed on this property for sale, show, or any other reason. This includes personal pets on a leash.

Horse Vendors
All horses of all ages must have a current negative Coggins test - NO EXCEPTIONS.

Fowl Vendors
All birds, chickens, and fowl of any type must be blood-tested by a Louisiana licensed veterinarian that has been approved by the state of Louisiana for this purpose.

Fowl vendors are the only vendors that are not required to be registered with Bienville Parish and the State of Louisiana for sales tax collection purposes.

The management of R & J S Properties, LLC (DBA Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days & RV Park) accepts absolutely no responsibility or liability in the monitoring of animal vendor requirements. Such requirements are the sole responsibility and liability of the animal vendor.

Should a Louisiana state inspector visit an animal vendor on Animal Alley, any and all repercussions will be born by the vendor alone.

Should R & J S Properties, LLC incur any repercussions due to an animal vendor not in compliance with governmental regulations, that animal vendor must reimburse R & J S Properties, LLC in full. Failure to do so may result in revocation of the vendor’s status to sell on this property in the future.

“New” Vendor Status
A vendor will be considered to be a “new” vendor if they have never rented a lot before.

Any “new” vendor who does not reserve their lot for the next month by prepayment of the lot rent (as described in I E Reservations) is subject to having that lot rented to another vendor. D. “Regular” Vendor Status

A vendor will be considered to have achieved “regular” vendor status when that vendor has attended at least three (3) Trade Days events in a row, acknowledging that he or she attends on a “regular” basis.

This status may be withdrawn when the vendor has been absent for two (2) consecutive months. E. “Casual” Vendor Status

A vendor will be considered to be a “casual” vendor if that vendor attends on less than a “regular” basis; i.e., one or two months at a time during the year.

This status may be withdrawn when the vendor has been absent for two (2) consecutive months. IV.

Vendor Check-In

All vendors are required to check in at the Field Office upon arrival and before setting up for the Trade

Days weekend, as we have an obligation to know exactly which vendors are present at each Trade Days.

The Field Office is located in the white cargo trailer underneath the carport structure directly across from the large bath house on Ambush Alley.

The Field Office opens each morning at 7:00 A.M. and remains open until 5:00 P.M. on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday of the Trade Days weekend.

This requirement applies to all vendors regardless of status, and without exception, due to insurance requirements.

Discount For Vendor Referrals

Discount Criteria
Any current vendor who refers a vendor who has never rented a lot before will qualify for a discount.

The dollar amount of the discount shall not exceed 50% of the lowest price lot rented.

The discount does not apply to utilities, table rentals or other fees that may be applied.

Qualifying Criteria
At the time the referred (new) vendor’s lot reservation is made, the referred (new) vendor must tell us which vendor referred him/her to Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days.

However, the referring vendor is encouraged to alert the office of the upcoming new vendor.

To qualify, a “new” vendor must not have rented a lot before.

If the referred (new) vendor fails to notify us at the time the lot reservation is made, it may negate any discounts allowed under this program.


Electronic mail (e-mail) has been adopted as the official method of communications to all vendors.

E-Mail will be utilized to send messages, newsletters, and official notifications to individual vendors and to groups of vendors.

These messages may contain notifications about policy and procedural changes as they occur.

Vendors without an e-mail account will be held responsible for knowledge of the information contained in these messages.

It is recommended, therefore, that vendors without an e-mail account make arrangements with a reliable friend, neighbor, or family member to receive our e-mail messages for them and to provide the Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days office with that e-mail address.

Generally, we will not mail information to a vendor via the US Postal Service. B. Telephone

All vendors are encouraged to call the Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days office for any reason. The phone number is (318) 263-2437.

In the event the vendor’s phone call is referred to voice mail, the vendor is encouraged to leave a brief message and to leave a phone number. Someone in the office will return your call as quickly as possible.

When leaving a phone number, please speak slowly and distinctly and enunciate each number individually. Remember, numbers such as “16" and “15" sound identical on the phone.

Also be conscious that, although your phone number is familiar to you, it is not familiar to us.

If you speak the numbers rapidly we probably will not understand them.


No tables, racks, walls, or any other construction may be built on a lot without consent of Management.

Package Pick-Up Service
In an effort to eliminate customer vehicle traffic in the park during Trade Days, we require that all vendors comply with the following:

A Package Pick-Up Form is available from the office. Please ask for an ample supply when you check in.

The Package Pick-Up Form is your communication between yourself and the office. It allows you to indicate your lot number and whether or not the item(s) involved will fit on a golf cart or if we should escort the customer into the park.


If you prefer, you can call the office to have the item(s) picked up at your lot and transported to the package pick-up area next to the field office where the customer may retrieve it/them.

Vendors are NOT to loan gate passes to customers or anyone else for any reason. This will be a severe violation of our policies and may result in loss of the vendor’s status.

Speed Limits
The speed limit in ALL areas of the entire property is 5 MPH for all types of vehicles.

Violators will receive one (1) courtesy warning. A second offense will result in the offender being required to leave the property immediately.

Security & Unattended Property
R & J S Properties, LLC does not provide security personnel in the Trade Days park or in the RV park.

Any and all items left unattended on the entire Bonnie & Clyde premises is done so entirely at the risk of the vendor and/or RV tenant.

R & J S Properties, LLC assumes no liability for disputes arising out of any transactions among vendors and/or customers or for any damage of any nature to persons or their property.

Noise Pollution
No loud music, amplifiers, or other such intrusive noises will be tolerated if emanating from a vendor booth.

Vendor Pets
All vendor pets must be kept on a leash or otherwise under the complete control of the owner at all times. No other pets or animals are allowed on the Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days grounds, except those for sale on Animal Alley.

Bicycles, Skateboards, & Recreational Scooters
The riding of bicycles, skateboards, and recreational scooters is strictly prohibited.

Offenders will be asked to dismount and walk. H. RV Sewage

All RV’s in the trade show area, and those in the RV park without sewage hookup, are required to keep their sewage and gray water contained in holding tanks until they may be dumped at a dump station.

The dumping of either sewage or gray water onto the ground is a profound health hazard and is strictly prohibited.